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The Canada is in North America's north. It's known for its unspoiled landscapes, diverse cultures, and natural beauty. Canada is the most popular Study Abroad destination among international students. Its world-class education, famous degrees/diplomas, inexpensive tuition prices, employment prospects, and scholarships make it the ideal alternative for study abroad hopefuls. It's an excellent place to live because it's safe, economically stable, and has good settlement options.

Express entry programmes help professionals immigrate to Canada permanently. The number of international students at Canadian universities rose to 11% in 2017. The school system and job possibilities are both excellent. These stats show why Canada is the top choice for international students. Part-time academic employment is the best reason to study in Canada. International students can work 20 hours per week throughout school and 40 during vacation. The country offers post-graduate work permits up to three years, depending on study term. Full-time students with a valid study permission and SIN can work. Students can work 40 hours during winter and summer breaks and 20 hours during college sessions. Canada is a safe place to live. As a foreign student, you'll encounter a new, diverse culture in a friendly environment. As an international student, you should prepare ahead and have financial help.

Why Study in Canada

Unquestionably an immigration-friendly nation.

One of the world's leading educational systems.

After four years, a permanent resident of Canada may seek for Canadian citizenship.

Expeditious and simple visa processing.

A healthy economy with a severe labour shortage.

Numerous famous universities.

Work permit extension during processing of permanent residency application.

Permission to work after completing graduate studies.

Part-time employment while studying.

The best education at the lowest cost.

General Information

Study Program's Cost

*Fees Subject to Variation.

Bachler's Program - CAD 13,000 to CAD 20,000 Annually*
Master's Program - CAD 17,000 to CAD 25,000 Annually*
Doctoral's Program - CAD 7,000 to CAD 15,000 Annually*
MBA Program - CAD 30,000 to CAD 40,000 Annually*

Major Facts About Canada

Capital - Ottawa
Government Type - Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Currency - Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Total Area - 9,984,670 Square Kilometers
Language - English
Nationality Noun - Canadian(s)
Population - 37,694,085
Largest City - Toronto
Minimum Part Time Wage - 18.5 CAD per hour
International Dial Code - +1

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