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The only nation in the world that is both a country and a continent is Australia. The Pacific and Indian oceans encircle it. Australia's largest city is Sydney, and Canberra is the country's capital. Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne are among Australia's major coastal cities.

Australia's name derives from the Latin word “australis” which means southern. Australia has over 24 million inhabitants and 7,692,024 people per square kilometre. It's the world's sixth-largest landmass. "Outback" desert covers much of Australia. Australia's Great Barrier Reef, outback, diverse animal species, and Sydney opera house are popular. Australia has cities, mountains, deserts, and rain forests. Australia has koalas, kookaburras, emus, kangaroos, and platypus.

Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait islanders are indigenous. Mt Kosciuszko, at 7310FT, is Australia's highest mountain. The Great Barrier Reef in northern Australia is the world's largest reef system. Australia's currency is the dollar. Lake Eyre in South Australia covers 9500 sq. km. Australia's climate varies from subtropical in the south to temperate in the south east and south west.

Australia ranks third among overseas students after the Canada and UK. The country's top-notch education system and teaching provide some of the world's best universities. Australian universities offer international students a variety of programmes and courses.

Australia has 1100 higher education institutions offering several courses. These schools prioritise research and innovation and have contemporary labs and classrooms. Australia's inexpensive education and living costs are another plus. Australia's schooling is cheaper than the UK's.

International students can work in Australia. Part-time work helps students pay for school and gain valuable career experience. International students can apply for government and university scholarships.

Why Study in Australia

Australia is the third-most popular international student destination in the world.

Country that speaks English.

Australian universities are renowned for their expertise across a variety of fields.

A good standard of living can be found worldwide.

Work & settlement options after qualification.

Affordable cost for living expenses and tuition.

A society that is secure, multicultural, accepting, pleasant, and friendly.

Options for students who wish to bring their spouses.

International students are afforded a degree of service and financial security that is unique.

International recognition for educational and training excellence in all fields.

General Information

Study Program's Cost

*Fees Subject to Variation.

Bachler's Program - AUD 15,000 – AUD 33,000 Annually*
Master's Program - AUD 14000 – AUD 37000 Annually*
Doctoral's Program - AUD 14000 – AUD 37000 Annually*
MBA Program - AUD 11000 – AUD 121000 Annually*

Major Facts About Australia

Capital - Canberra
Government Type - Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Currency - Australia dollar (AUD)
Total Area - 7,741,220 Square Kilometers
Language - English
Nationality Noun - Australian
Population - 25,466,459
Largest City - Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane
Minimum Part Time Wage - 19.84 AUD per hour
International Dial Code - +61

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