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IICE Global Educational Consultants is one of the best companies in Kollam and Kerala for helping people study abroad. It works with more than 1500 top-ranked universities.

IICE Global Educational Consultants is one of the best consultants in Kollam, Kerala, for studying abroad. Many students' dreams come true when they get to go to college abroad. Expert advice from study abroad consultants is what you need to find out about the courses offered by well-known universities abroad and to learn about the universities themselves.

Our main goal is to help Indian students who want to continue their education in schools outside of India. We help students make the right choice by giving them good career advice and counselling and letting them look into international universities and the courses they offer.



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We work hard to find and share the most reliable information for people who want the best when it comes to education and living abroad. Because we've worked with people who want to study abroad for years, we know how to match a candidate's real strengths and opportunities with the best plan for studying abroad.

We have connections with more than 1500 universities that offer a wide range of study options that meet the needs of candidates in terms of cost, value, and employment.

We help you from the time you choose your course to the time you land abroad. We find out about your options, help you find courses, and keep an eye on your paperwork to make sure you can get into the country of your choice. We do all of this for FREE













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To many, studying abroad is a lifelong ambition, and one that is well worth exploring for two reasons: first, the invaluable experience that can be gained, and second, the prestige that may be attained.

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We are a professional organization that offers career counselling and sincere advice to Indian students looking to pursue higher education overseas professionally and can assist you throughout the entire process.


As we enroll admission to 1500+ universities, you will be admitted to the best ones. Offering assistance to the students so that they can select destination in accordance with their goals.


There are no hidden fees or goals. We would offer you unwavering support for your international education. You may count on an immediate and truthful response from our end. We are believers in deeds, not just words.


When all of the necessary paperwork on your end are ready, we will make certain that we provide the service on time and that we finish the procedure quickly. We work in well organised and in competent way.


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IICE Global Educational Consultants is one of the best companies in Kollam and Kerala for helping people study abroad.

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We collaborate with more than 1500 universities across the world that are dedicated to assisting driven students like you finish their education.


Frequently Asked


There is always the possibility of gaining admission to a university in the United Kingdom, regardless of your degree grade. In the United Kingdom, the minimum score required for admission to a Master's programme is normally 55% in Bachelor’s, however, there are few universities that accept scores as low as 50% in a bachelor's degree.
The study methods in the indicated countries are considerably simpler than India's exam-focused, traditional approach to education. After college hours, students have considerable time for part-time employment and leisure activities.
No. There are numerous nations where IELTS is not required.
With the gained qualification, you could find job in either your native country or the country in which you are residing. After six months, some candidates acquire management-level work with their part-time employer, making them eligible to apply for PR.
Your housing, food, phone bills, and study materials may be the most significant expenses you incur at college other than tuition.
If your documentation fails to provide proper certificates and proof of your travel purpose, you may be denied a visa.
Candidates who study nursing or any other clinical programme in the United Kingdom are granted the Registered Nurse licence, allowing them to be easily employed upon completion of their studies.
It varies by province and country. On average, the monthly sum could range between 40,000 and 50,000 rupees. Either your GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) for Canada or living expenses as depicted in the show money might be utilized. However, the majority of candidates are able to cover these costs through part-time employment.
Many countries permit international students to bring their families with them throughout their student visa time and allow them to work, which is one of the most attractive elements that encourage students to pursue education abroad. As dependents of the PR holder, they can remain with the PR holder once they have acquired their PR, eventually granting them PR status as well.
Overseas, part-time work are widely available. The majority of universities and colleges support international students in finding part-time employment near their campuses.